Sheena Lee Yoga



I’m Sheena, a Toronto-based yoga teacher with a passion for mindfulness, meditation and spirituality. My goal is to be as welcoming as possible, and I have completed additional training in an effort to ensure the language I use and the poses I choose are as accessible and inclusive as possible.

In my classes, you are empowered to come as you are. My teachers instilled in me the practice that yoga is for everybody, and every body. I carry this philosophy into my classes with pride. Even if you have never been to a yoga class before, my hope is for you to deepen your connection with your own body and mind through intentional and thoughtful movement that feels good.

There is nothing to fear when we practice together. We will not bend until we break, as we’ve all done enough of that in our own lifetimes. Instead, we will connect with our bodies and minds while building strength, love, and empathy towards ourselves and one another. This is the true work of yoga. My goal for you is to leave my classes feeling empowered, strong, confident, relaxed, and restored. 

Currently, you can find me teaching at Fitness By Sarah Taylor and Align Wellness, as well as hosting workshops throughout the city. Find my schedule below, and stay tuned for info on upcoming workshops and classes.

With gratitude,


Sheena Lee Colleen


Trainings and Certifications

200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

  • 200-hr RYT (registered yoga teacher). I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in hatha and vinyasa yoga at Yogaspace. Summer 2016.

Mental Health First Aid

  • Certified in Mental Health First Aid through the Mental Health Commission of Canada. January 2019.


Body Positive Yoga

  • Yoga for All: Bridging the Divide, as taught by the incredible Dianne Bondy (pictured). A body positive weekend workshop for yoga teachers. January 2018.

Yoga For All Certificate 

  • An accessible approach to yoga that provides variations and alternative poses for people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Certification currently in progress.


Teaching Schedule

Class Descriptions

Body Positive Yoga (Fitness by Sarah Taylor)

Sheena Lee Colleen is a bubbly Toronto-based yoga teacher with training in vinyasa, hatha, mental health first aid, and body positive yoga. Sheena’s welcoming classes aim to inspire you to discover your practice and your body on your own terms. Let your breath be your guide as you journey through intuitive, mindful, and fun flows that are beautifully accessible to students of all experience levels and abilities (yes, this includes total beginners!). Sheena holds her 200 hour yoga teacher training from Yogaspace and is currently completing additional certification in body positive and accessible yoga through Dianne Bondy’s Yoga For All program.

Hatha Slow Flow Yoga (Align Wellness) 

Take time to unwind in this slow flow class that balances moments of rest and relaxation with gentle, challenging poses designed to strengthen our mind-body connection. Incorporating the practices of mindfulness and meditation, these slow flow classes turn to pranayama and breath work to find balance and harmony with our body work. A combination of hatha and vinyasa, each pose is connected to breath in this yin/yang class designed to leave you feeling balanced and restored. All are welcome.

Tarot Yoga (Align Wellness)

A juicy, flowing yoga class that draws inspiration from the archetypal journey of the hero explored through tarot for centuries. Moments of stillness and reflection give birth to moments of pure joy and freedom in unexpected and intentional ways as we move with our breath to enhance our mind-body-spirit connection. Inspired by the guidance of the cards, this unique offering explores themes of lightness and darkness, of vulnerability and strength. Regardless of your connection to the esoteric, you will leave this class feeling full and inspired after embarking on this metaphorical journey together. All are welcome.